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Uses of Isopropyl Alcohol in the Home

Many industries use isopropyl alcohol in many of their tasks. There are three uses for isopropyl alcohol – as a solvent, extracting solution, and a cleaning agent. It is not only in industrial applications that isopropyl alcohol is used. Most of us use isopropyl alcohol as an antiseptic but you are not really aware that there are other uses of isopropyl alcohol in the home.

Using isopropyl alcohol in the home can be done in many ways.

Isopropyl alcohol can remove ink stains. Permanent inks as you read them in the label can actually be removed. With a bottom ball full of isopropyl alcohol, you can actually remove ink stains easily. The ink will not spread if you blot the stain in one direction.

Isopropyl alcohol can also be used as an oil stain remover You simply need to soak a paper towel in the alcohol and blot the stained area. Rubbing the stain is not good since it can worsen.

Printer cartridges can also be cleaned using isopropyl alcohol. Regularly cleaning your printer cartridge can help prolong your printer’s life. Using isopropyl alcohol is the best way to clean your printer cartridge. If you use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, then you can clean your printer cartridge. The printer head and the nozzle plate you should be included.

You can also clean your laptop with isopropyl alcohol. With one part isopropyl alcohol mixed with one part water you have made a cleaning solution for your laptop. If you use ammonia based cleaners, a film is left o the laptop. Before wiping and cleaning your laptop make sure that you do not apply the alcohol directly into the laptop’s surface but use a lint free cloth and moisten it with alcohol.

Crystal chandeliers can also be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol. Although this may not be easy, you have to be careful to hand wash each individual crystal with a cleaning solution made of 25% isopropyl alcohol and 75 % distilled water.

Cleaning your sound system interconnect sockets and scrubbing your connections can ensure a good audio performance for your sound system.

Don’t forget your isopropyl alcohol if you are going to the beach since this is a remedy for swimmer’s ear. A 50-50 isopropyl alcohol and white vinegar is the best remedy for swimmer’s ear.

Another use for isopropyl alcohol is as an insect repellant. If you are bitten by mosquitoes then you can get fast relief by rubbing alcohol on the part that was bitten. You can also mix isopropyl alcohol with vegetable oil and water. If this mixture is poured in a sprayer, you have an instant insect repellant.

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