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The Critical Points Relating to Immigration Debate That Needs Quick Answers

Immigration is all about people moving from their native Country into a foreign Country. People usually move for various reasons such as the search for work opportunities or search for refuge. Whenever volumes of people move it is bound to cause immigration matters. Therefore, some people view immigration as negative thing while others see the benefits of the movement. It is the responsibility of the government official to discuss this immigration debate in an attempt to find appropriate answers. Discover more about the different critical points to the immigration debate that needs quick answers.

The first immigration issue to address is about the labor market. Given that many people move in search of work then this result to increase in labor supply. The immigrants accept to work in some industries where locals are unwilling. Maybe the work is degrading to a person or has a meager pay. This immigration issue may be seen as either positive or negative. The benefit of immigration is it increases labor supply, which is one of the elements of production. An economy will grow if there is the high production of products and services as result of high labor supply. However, some locals see the immigrants as competition for the limited job opportunities. Immigrants are therefore likely to be treated with hostility by the locals. The labor issue need actual discussion. To ensure that locals and immigrants are living harmoniously.

The crucial other immigration issues is about the security threat due to allowing more people to move into a given area. Some country are very strict about allowing immigrants to move into their Country. They view them as a danger to the locals. Although there have been incidents where immigrants have been involved in some dangerous criminal activities. However not all immigrants are a danger to the security of a country. Just like any country there are bad people and good people. Even immigrants are the same. The goal should not be to restrict immigration entirely but to take measures to ensure that foreigners are aware and willing to follow the law of the foreign country.

Illegal immigrants issue is the other point raised during the immigration debate. Illegal immigrants are people without the legal documents showing they have been authorized to reside in the country. When arrested the consequence is being deported back to their native countries. Some immigrants site harsh registration procedure as the reason for living illegally in a foreign country. The government has a significant role to play to reduce the number of illegal immigrants in a country.

Immigration debate requires live discussion to resolve the negative aspects.

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