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The Basics on Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

HVAC systems basically is an acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems and is more of the common reference given to the commercial heating and air conditioning systems installed in various properties. As has been mentioned above, the HVAC systems are the ones responsible for the maintenance of the right and fit air quality in the homes and commercial property on which they are fitted. These are the features of fixtures and fittings that are good for the sake of maintaining a healthy home or office when you are looking at the safety and health of the environment in terms of humidity levels and temperature. The physics behind their operations is that of heat transfer, fluid mechanics and those of thernodynamics. A heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is basically put up in a home to ensure that there is a system to maintain the air quality, manage the humidity levels in the home and regulate the pressure in the home environment or office for a commercial property. Various rooms have their air distributions systems which are used for the delivering the air. As you design the systems, you will have to have specified the air conditions required for the air conditions.

There are in fact a number of the heating systems that can be used in an HVAC system. To heat the cold areas you may do well with the central heating systems. This system basically has the three elementary components-the furnace, boiler and the pump. This system manages air quality control from a central location like is the case with a furnace. For the transfer of heat, you will need to use water as the medium to transfer such heat in the systems.

When we look at ventilation, you will realize that this will be largely classified as mechanical, forced or natural ones. The natural ventilations do not use any kind of mechanical equipment. The natural ventilators will ventilate rooms with open windows, vents and other such openings on the walls. In as much as it is seen as a ventilation system which works in small areas, it will be still a popular adoption for many homeowners as a result of the fact that its operation is not quite dependent on power to work.

The air conditioning systems are on the other hand known to be good in so far as the need to have the home ventilated in so far as ridding the rooms of excess heat using radiation, convection and as well using heat pumps.

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