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How to Eat Meat Without Feeling Guilty

With the vegan diet or vegetarianism proliferating nowadays, it seems that eating meat is something bad and something to be ashamed about, wherein a lot of fitness enthusiasts and vegans campaigning that eating meat should be stopped, making one feel guilty of indulging to one of the most favorite meals. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that we need to give up meat in our diet just like that because there are benefits eating meat like fruits and vegetables. There’s no problem engaging in a vegan diet for those who want to do it, but you can never impose removing meat on the diet of your loved ones if they still want to eat them.

Proteins found in meat play an important role in the growth and development of our cells, muscles, and tissues, so we need to consume meat to address their needs. While it is true that dairy products (yogurt, eggs, cheese, and milk), seeds, nuts, legumes, beans, and dairy products contain protein, the amount and protein in these sources of meat is lower to what you can get from meat. Meat contains large amount of protein which is beneficial to the body, improving overall health and well-being. Meats are also good sources of iron, zinc, and selenium for the production of hemoglobin for tissue oxygenation, proper blood circulation, and good body metabolism. Meats also have vitamins such as vitamin A and D to promote good vision, stronger bones, and teeth, and support of central nervous system functioning for mental health.

Protein makes a firm fixture in your diet like the tofu article on The Spruce, wherein protein contains about 10 grams in 4 ounces of tofu, and it also contains with 26 grams of ground meat that doubles the amount of protein in tofu. There is a current argument of those against meat that the process of raising animals just for food consumes too much energy and resources that may damage the planet. The truth is that there are many sustainable brands such as Smithfield Foods that process quality meat using the highest quality standards of animal raising and meat production. It is possible to eat meat without the guilty feeling by only availing meat products from companies with great effort to be sustainable and environmentally friendly.

There is a misconception that all farming involves raising and killing animals, but there are companies prioritizing ethical farming, so only deal with ethical brands or companies that farms ethically. Never feel guilty if you have meat on your diet, most especially if you know you bought it from sustainable companies. Never feel bad about eating meat because it is good for you.